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Latent Print and Bloodstain Pattern Photography

UltraLite Forensic Light Sources (ALS)


The "StapleTube", shown below, is currently used by many federal, state and local CSI Units across the U.S.

The clear plastic tube attached to the lens is called the "StapleTube".


Latent Print and Bloodstain Pattern Photography

Simplified with the "StapleTube"


Introducing the “StapleTube”™

The StapleTube is intended to be used by CSI personnel to simplify and expedite the photography of Latent Prints and Bloodstain Pattern Impressions. It aids such photographic documentation in the following ways…

  • It eliminates the need for a tripod.
  • Evidentiary images are rapidly and easily photographed.
  • It places the camera 90 degress on top of the impression.
  • The camera lens only needs to be focused once.
  • It allows the photography of impressions on vertical surfaces such as a wall.
  • It allows enough field-of-view to photograph multiple impressions with a scale in the same frame.
  • It allows for the use of lens filters with forensic light sources.

The StapleTube simply screws onto the filter threads at the front of the camera lens. Evidence may be illuminated through the clear “StapleTube” by either available light or holding a light source to the side at an oblique angle.

The StapleTube appears in "Crime Scene Photography", Third Edition, by Edward M. Robinson. The usefulness of this plastic tube for blood spatter documentation is described in Subchapter 9.3, "Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Photography".


Live view image of latent prints to be photographed with an attached StapleTube.


Federal and local law enforcement professionals are amazed of the photographic results achieved and its simplicity of use. For more information or to order the “StapleTube” e-mail Mike Stapleton or call (925) 999-9162.

The StapleTubes are configured to work with Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras equipped with the manufacturers' macro lenses. It also can be configured to work with other macro lenses as well.

Price: $114.95 plus shipping and handling.


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UltraLite ALS Forensic Light Source

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UltraLite™-ALS brings forth the following major breakthroughs in forensic light technology:

Blue-Merge Technology (BMT™). BMT is the perfect merging of forensic wavelengths. BMT mixes a unique profile of forensic wavelengths to produce the perfect blend of light to locate latent prints, trace evidence, bio-fluids, teeth, and bone. With BMT you only need to go over the scene or evidence one time with orange viewing lenses and one camera filter to complete a majority  of evidence detection, collection, and documentation work.

Power output. The UltraLite-ALS in BMT produces over 1000 milliwatts of power. The UltraLite-ALS with BMT produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor based ALS.

Size and weight. At a size of 6”x 4.5” x 1.25” and a weight of less than 300 grams the UltraLite-ALS represents the smallest, lightest weight forensic light system in the world by a large margin.

Power requirements. The UltraLite-ALS comes with a universal AC input.  The UltraLite-ALS also comes ready to run off of the cigarette lighter in your car. The UltraLite-ALS can also run off of a battery pack that inserts into the handle in place of the AC power module. The UltraLite-ALS will operate at full power off of the battery pack for more than two hours.

Bulb life. The UltraLite-ALS produces light by way of Light Producing Semiconductors (LPS). These LPSs do not have delicate filaments and are not ‘jar’ sensitive. Furthermore, the expected lifetime of these LPSs is 53,500 hours.

Forensics R Us recommends the UltraLite Basic Plus Package (200-00014) which will includes the (440-460nm) Blue Merge Technology (BMT) head with power handle,  universal AC power module, 20 foot power cord, cigarette lighter adapter with 20 foot power cord, orange viewing glasses, operators manual, warranty card, hard-shell carrying case with foam inserts, three  re-chargeable batteries, and dual battery charger unit.

Other options include the 4 Head Kit that contains all four accessory heads (405nm, 525nm, 590nm, and 630nm) for a price that is less than purchasing the heads individually.

For Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assault investigations, the 405nm UV head is very useful for locating biological fluids, subcutaneous injuries, bruising, and bite marks.

UltraLite ALS Applications - Wavelengths and Uses Chart

UltraLite ALS Product Brochure

For more information or to order please contact Frank@forensicsRus.com for very competitive law enforcement pricing or call (925) 997-2635 or (925) 999-9162



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